Sara Whiffen

Founder of Insights Ignited LLC 

Sara Whiffen is leading efforts to bring the science of effectuation into the corporate world.  She conducts research, leads a practice, and has gained international recognition for her methods of applying effectuation to organizational environments.  Sara held several corporate roles within Toyota where she was responsible for developing and launching new business lines and has run two start up organizations.  She has consulted with many firms in the technology, packaged goods, financial services, real estate, healthcare, and retail industries.  Sara specializes in working with Fortune 500's and large institutions. She also serves as guest faculty at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business.

Insights Ignited was formed in 2008. 

Today, we bring the latest in research and practice around effectuation to organizations. 

Insights Ignited has been invited to work with companies across many industries (e.g. consumer packaged goods, financial services, education, consulting, health care, technology, incubators, and others). 

Over eighty-five percent of people we’ve worked with in corporations say they use this methodology regularly as part of their problem solving tools.

In this video, Sara Whiffen talks about how she came to work with Effectuation -- the mindset successful entrepreneurs use to build new ventures.