What lies beyond the horizon?  Most transformational outcomes are not predicted. 

They are created.


The approach entrepreneurs take to create something new and innovative.  It is iterative and relationship based.

  • Use what is available to you – who you are, what you have, who you know
  • Invest only what you can afford to lose
  • Engage others and allow them to shape your vision with their contributions
  • Turn the unexpected into opportunities by focusing on what you can control

Causal (Managerial) Mindset

The cornerstone of most MBA programs, causal thinking is linear and focused on a predetermined outcome.

  • Research market trends
  • Envision a breakthrough idea
  • Forecast market share
  • Launch according to plan

Innovation-driven organizations employ 

both mindsets.

Effectuation is a unique way of interacting with others.  Scientific research shows it is used by expert entrepreneurs more than any other decision making framework.  It improves the long term chances of developing truly game changing innovations.

We help companies understand when and how to apply effectual thinking.

What corporate managers are saying about effectuation brought to them by Insights Ignited:

  • "The effectual method has increased the speed at which our team is able to operate."
  • "Finally – since you were here we’ve been breaking away from our analysis paralysis and have started taking action."
  • "This methodology is very empowering."
  • "Our team is communicating better since we all share the language of effectuation."
  • "I’m glad I took a chance on this – it’s proving itself in many ways."
  • "Thanks for putting some language around entrepreneurial thinking. Finally my team sees there’s a method to how I do things."
  • "Since you’ve been here I can’t stop seeing examples of effectuation every time I read a story about an entrepreneur!"
  • "After the workshop I understand that a “no” is an opportunity to finding a “yes” and that perfect is your enemy and good enough is your friend."
  • "When the entire team (including upper Mgmt) understands this mindset & operates accordingly, it is beautiful."
  • "Thanks for teaching us how to leverage partnerships and develop a speed driven mindset.  It’s paying off already!"