Do you have organizational goals and performance targets to meet?                                              

We have the tools to get you there.

The language of effectuation isn’t complex.  But the mindset takes practice.

We use our LPA model (Learn – Practice – Apply) to drive successful outcomes.


We bring the latest research on how expert entrepreneurs think and act.


We translate the concepts to actual tactics you can practice.


We apply the concepts to your existing professional situation.

Assets to action™

Assets to Action™ offers a practical way to apply effectual principles.  We provide advice for businesses in all sectors with an emphasis on companies greater than 200 people.  We also mentor and tutor to help drive home effectuation principles. 

Start by identifying the assets you already have on hand.  Through a series of steps you convert these assets into actionable opportunities.  Central is the concept that decisions are made and actions taken based on actual commitments from the parties involved, not advice, feedback or assumptions.

Within hours you will have more than just ideas for innovations.  You'll have specific action steps, tools, and strategies for making these ideas happen.


Complete the form below for additional information or to purchase a complete Facilitator Kit offered by Assets to Action™.

The kit includes everything you need to take your team to new opportunities:

  • 1 facilitator guide
  • 1 wall-sized, laminated, dry erase Assets to Action™ worksheet
  • 1 set of of dry erase markers and eraser
  • 1 recommended team workshop agenda
  • a copy of Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1 hour of phone training/support
  • Downloadable Assets to Action™worksheets

Price for an Assets to Action™ Facilitator Kit is $699 for first time purchases (a $1000 value).

Stop wasting money on ideas that don't work and instead invest in what will!

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