Bringing the thinking of SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS

into your organization.


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  • Get familiar with the research and basic concepts
  • Translate concepts to behaviors
  • Integrate new mindset into your existing processes

How do I create the next big thing?  Launch something new for my organization?  Solve big problems with a small budget?  


Effectual expertise requires real life interactions.  Our coaches guide participants though the learning process.  A combination of personal data and case literature are used.

  • Become aware of your personal strengths as an entrepreneurial thinker
  • Learn strategies to build on these
  • Improve your partnership capabilities
  • Discover your most effective personal entrepreneurial style


  • Receive insights relative to your specific needs
  • Drive stronger strategic partnerships
  • Optimize existing resources in innovative ways
  • Manage experimentation costs in favor of investing in good ideas

"How would an expert entrepreneur approach this?"

When this question arises, companies call use to provide expert advice through a custom arrangement.

Thank you for two wonderful classes on Effectuation. I love the concept and look forward to applying it!
— Audrey R, Imbibe Solutions